A Tribute to a True Champion

I believe there would not be a club person in any sport anywhere in Australia who has given more to a club than Lyall (doodie) Peacock.

Since 1964 Lyall has been the lifeblood of Macquarie United. During this time, he has held just about every position within the club.

Not only a great administer of his time "doodie" has been a mentor, father figure and an inspiration to those who have had the honour to have met him.

Through many personal tragedies and hardships, Lyall has always put others before himself. Lyall's family are privileged to have such a great husband and father. Lyall is privileged to have such a great wife in Lola, and a great family. The Football club is thankful that the Peacock family have been so generous in sharing their husband and father with us.

Thank you Lola and family.

Lyall's inspiration and bloody-minded attitude has given the Scorps the best playing surface of any football ground in Newcastle, if not Country Rugby League. Imagine what the facilities at our ground would be if we relied on the council to upgrade "their" asset. Thank God for Lyall's ability to acquire resources from nearby Corporate Fassifern and the associated management. Imagine being a mine manager; your secretary lets you know that the Union delegate wants to talk to you. In walks Lyall, you wouldn't know if the mine was about to strike or if you were about to rebuild a football oval.

Through his years at the club, Lyall has endured many ups and downs. From the time of no wins for nearly two seasons to the triumph in 1991. Lyall has stayed solid to the club to this day. Still spending his time down at the ground ensuring it be ready for next week's game.

Lyall has played a part in bringing many great players to this club in his days as club Secretary. Too many to name, but I know many of you are here tonight and I'm sure you all say thank you to Lyall.

In the early 80's, Lyall passed on a bit of advice to a young administer of the club that I'm sure all future administers should abide by:

"Always argue for what you believe is right, acknowledge when there may be an alternative (you are never mistaken) and always abide by the majority decision. But most importantly, have a beer with those you have debated with no matter how heated it may be before heading home. What happened in the committee room stays behind the doors."

Lyall, on behalf of everyone here tonight and throughout the Rugby League Community, I say thank you for bein the one and only Lyall Peacock. You are an inspiration. You are a Champion